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PostSubject: OREGON TRAIL - DERGE STYLE   Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:15 am

So I found a place with a download that will allow you to play Oregon Trail online... I promptly set out to play through three times with three different wagons led and populated by characters from each gen here. I METICULOUSLY DOCUMENTED THESE JOURNEYS FOR ALL TO ENJOY. Now, there's some parts that aren't very important, these will be in slightly smaller print.

Leader: Luke (profession- jesus carpenter, medium difficulty)
Others: Cyrus, Jynx, Aaya, and Chauvin
Start date: May 1st, 1848
End date: October 12, 1848
Total elapsed time: 165 days

MAY 1st - They set off on the trail
MAY 2nd - First day out and Chauvin beaks his arm... no one is surprised
May 6th - Jynx is bitten by a snake and one of the oxen gets injured
May 12th - Aaya breaks a leg
May 13th - Apparently another snake goes after Jynx and Aaya valiantly defends him, getting bit in the process...
May 17th - Luke tips over the wagon floating it across the river
May 23rd - Luke finds wild fruit
May 26th - Luke finds MORE wild fruit
May 27th - The wagon is beginning an all fruit diet apparently, more wild fruit
June 12th - Thunderstorm, one day lost
June 14th - Another thunderstorm, another day lost

June 18th - Luke must be cultivating this fruit somehow
June 30 - Luke loses the trail and five days...
July 4th - and then decides the best way to celebrate the fourth of july is setting the wagon on fire accidentally I KID YOU NOT
July 16th - Mmmm fruuuit
August 7th - ANOTHER fire GDI Luke!!!
September 4th - Lost for two days again...
September 10th - Cyrus gets typhoid 8C
September 11th - FRUIT OF COURSE
September 25th - An ox died, and then a thief *COUGHSERE* stole our bullets, sadness
September 29th - Sere realized she didn't have a gun and came back for food...
October 9th - I think this time she just stole the bullets for fun...
October 11th - Luke found an abandoned wagon! But it was empty.

Leader: Hailey (profession- banker, easy
Others: Bob, Mer, Bridhe, and Regina
Start date: March 1st, 1848
End date: August 31st, 1848
Total elapsed time: 184 days

March 1st - They set off on the trail!
March 6th - Bridhe breaks an arm, obviously he's a handful
March 7th - Hailey breaks a wagon wheel and cannot fix it and it has to be replaced...
March 14th - Lost the trail for a day
March 26th - A sever blizzard... in march... when the weather says WARM, one day lost due to WTFing
March 26th - Hailey finds an abandoned wagon, unlike the one Luke found, this one has stuff in it.
March 29th - Stealth blizzard makes another run, one more day lost

March 30th - Bridhe gets dumb and plays with a snake to expected results... Bob gets exhausted healing him up
April 2nd - And out of nowhere Bob dies 8'C
April 10th - An ox gets hurt
April 13th - Mer has a feaver
April 25th - Okay, at least it's cold out this time with the blizzard
April 30th - Stupid boyOx wanders off, lost three days...
May 9th - Lost the trail and three days
May 28th - Mer has a fever again...
June 1st - Not about to be outdone, Bridhe then contracts cholera
June 22nd - Impassable trail, lost 9 days
July 9th - Impassable trail, lost 8 days
July 13th - One of the oxen died

July 14th - Regina broke her leg, apparently boys aren't the only ones getting hurt...
July 24th - Wrong trail, lost three days
July 26th - Found some wild fruit! They must've run into Luke...

July 28th - Regina died 8'C
August 22nd - Impassable trail of the five day variety

Third Gen
Leader: Jack (profession- Farmer, hardest
Others: Sanders, Nyll, Roric, and Margret
Start date: June 1st, 1848
End date: March 11th, 1849
Total elapsed time: 284 days

June 1st - And they're off!
June 6th - In a wonderful show of directional abilities, Jack takes the wrong trail and wastes 4 days...
June 15th - Hailstorm... in not only hot weather but VERY HOT in the middle of JUNE weather
June 15th - Sanders breaks a leg
June 18th - Wild fruit omnomnom
June 19th - Return of the summer hail storm... I BLAME GLOBAL WARMING

July 7th - Sanders has broken his other leg ouch...
July 12th - Wild fruit blah blah blah
July 14th - Roric has some DANCING FEVER no wait that's just regular fever...
July 16th - Nyll breaks a leg, I'm beginning to wonder about Jack's forms of discipline...
July 18th - An ox gets injured

August 30th - Jack breaks and then fixes an axle
August 31st - We found some crazy peopl- I mean wild fruits
September 5th - And ox died

September 6th - Nyll breaks his other leg... there is a LOT of accidents happening to legs
September 10th - I'm beginning to thing the oxen keep getting hurt because of this grueling pace we have got going...
September 11th - Yup, ox down, now we only have two...

September 16th - Having run out of legs, Sanders decides to break his arm, I'm think this may be karma for my habit of mutilating my characters' appendages...
September 26th - Another ox injury
September 30th - Margret has measles, at least that's what we hope it is... Oh, and Jack broke and then fixed a wheel...
October 16th - Impassible trail, lose 10 days
October 31st - Sanders is a gimp and now has typhoid too oh goody
November 14th - Roric got another fever...
November 18th - A blizzard that makes sense...
November 28th - Had to replace the wagon tongue
November 18th - Another blizzard, oh right this is why you don't want to get caught in winter...
November 28th - That wagon tongue didn't last long...
December 2nd - Blizzard
December 3rd - Sanders has a fever
December 4th - Blizzard again

December 6th - Cold didn't mix with Sander's fever and he died 8'C
December 14th - Roric has exhaustion
December 15th - Margret has dysentery
December 20th - Margret gets herself lost for 4 days

December 28th - Margret manages to get dysentery over nine days of an impassible trail
December 29th - Oh wait, no she died nevermind
January 11th - A season appropriate blizzard
January 20th - Nyll has dysentery, I think this make a collection guys...

Febuary 7th - In a desperate attempt for warmth, fire is set off in the wagon OH WAIT WE NEED THOSE BULLETS IN THERE FOR FOOD GAIZ REMEMBER?
February 22nd - Roric has exhaustion
February 25th - One of the oxen dies, ON THE HOME STRETCH GUYS
Februaru 28th - Nyll has dysentery again
March 1st - Roric breaks a leg I'm surprised it took this long...


Luke is still firebuddahcowboyjesus and can pull fruit out of his butt. He was the only one to get everyone through though it's a miracle with how many times he set the wagon on fire...

Hailey is good at floating rafts, not so good at hunting. To be fair, I blame most of the deaths on the fact that her passengers were probably being dumb boys...

Jack was determined as HELL to get his group through winter, even if he lost two people. As a farmer he didn't get much money to buy supplies and actually started running out of food a little over a quarter of a way through, he got through because he kicked ass at hunting. I kid you not, bears, deers and buffalo would THROW themselves at him...


Wow... That was... incredibly boring SORRY GUYS TRIED TO MAKE IT ENTERTAINING!

Also, if you happen to want any of the screenshots for any of these events, I have MOST of them...
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PostSubject: Re: OREGON TRAIL - DERGE STYLE   Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:07 pm

.... this is so hilariously in character. JACK BREAKS SUM LEGZ. IS AWESOME AT HUNTING. FIXES EVERYTHING.

Luke is a survivalist but yeah let's go with laying fruit like eggs.
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PostSubject: Re: OREGON TRAIL - DERGE STYLE   Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:39 am

oh God I am so glad this happened

asdjskf LUKE YOU NEED THAT WAGON W--NO NO FIRE andohgodthefruit

thiiiissssss was awesomeeeeee xDDDD
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