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The Furious Sun ended the reign of Man-As-God.
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 around the bend

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PostSubject: around the bend   around the bend I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 30, 2011 5:23 pm

Copious amounts of alcohol were involved. That was the only reasonable explanation Lyov could think of and at present, the how was far less urgent than the what in the hell. There was a steady pounding in his head, his vision dipped in and out of focus and his poorly-lit surroundings seemed to spin. No wait, they were spinning. What? A curious frown played across his face as golden eyes passed over the room. Battered and dismantled wooden aisles, broken glass, a few stray papers...everything rotated--slowly--as Lyov turned and he realized he was hanging. Upside down. In what he could best describe as a dead church.

Well, he thought, huffing.



THIS IS VERY POORLY RENDERED and I have no excuse, I have not at all taken advantage of the ample writing time I have had at home and at school. MY SKILLS, THEY ARE RUSTY.

What the hell are you doing Lyov get down from there.
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around the bend
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