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The Furious Sun ended the reign of Man-As-God.
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 The Shatterdown Legacy

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PostSubject: The Shatterdown Legacy   The Shatterdown Legacy I_icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2012 5:35 pm

The Furious Sun melted the memory of civilization from our bones, and in its wake chaos came and turned earth into a boiling crucible of riots, disorder and death.

Stories passed down say that before the sun became Furious, mankind were likened to gods, building towering cities and changing the bodies of animals and people alike at will. Some of these godlike acts were asked for and glorious like powerful medicines and cosmetic changes and miraculous contraptions... Some of them were cruel experiments in which the end justified the means and people were transformed into monsters and saints against their will. A prison, a terrible dungeon disguised as a place of knowledge that we now know as Shatterdown was the most infamous site of these transgressions that we yet remember.

As the waves from the sun broke over Earth, technology failed and tore godhood from mankind.

For the most part, anyway.

The gates of Shatterdown burst wide, fake museum that it was cracked and the glass fell away. With the loss of godhood the First Five lead the Changed out of their godly prison and into the sunlight. They established lives for new races that would otherwise have none, and offered hands up to help new tribes crawl from the cracks in the pavement.

It has been two hundred years and the world is rebuilding and rebirthing but some say Shatterdown still exists and that the wondrous and terrible treasures of the era of Men-As-Gods are still preserved beneath powerful seals.

Few dare to find it and those that do are met with peril, and there is no greater peril than the greed and viciousness of mankind, whether they be Changed or not.
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The Shatterdown Legacy
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