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 /Rifty Shifty/ - a very short MLP fanfic

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/Rifty Shifty/ - a very short MLP fanfic Empty
PostSubject: /Rifty Shifty/ - a very short MLP fanfic   /Rifty Shifty/ - a very short MLP fanfic I_icon_minitimeFri May 18, 2012 7:48 pm

There was a contest called the February Write-off that I entered. We were given prompts for which we had to write a short story. Rifty Shifty resulted from the prompt "Mysterious Creatures Invade Ponyville." link

Tags: Comedy, Random
Short Description: It all stemmed from an event known as the "Rift". Long-limbed creatures began to emerge by the hundreds from Everfree forest, mysterious, raving, strangely intent on the ponies... especially on a select few of them, among which those wielding the Elements of Harmony. Soon, Twilight left to investigate the cause and never returned. One could almost suspect a dark plot, if not for...

No OCs, just show ponies.

I love constructive critique
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/Rifty Shifty/ - a very short MLP fanfic
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