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 The Changed (RACE THREAD)

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PostSubject: The Changed (RACE THREAD)   The Changed (RACE THREAD) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 11:53 am

Before the sun wiped the past world away, mankind grasped at its own fibers and pulled. Whether through genetic engineering, splicing or nanotechnology mankind was changing its own face much faster than the waters of evolution could ever erode it.

These Changed Peoples walk, live, play and breed among normal human beings, though they are not always welcome.

  • Genefreaks

    The Pact

    Alts, Freaks and Hybrids

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Posts : 373
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PostSubject: Re: The Changed (RACE THREAD)   The Changed (RACE THREAD) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 11:54 am

G E N E F R E A K S (the jovians)

The Descendants of a project in which humans were genetically altered to absorb extra metals and minerals into their systems as naturally as they absorb calcium and the like. The first go at the project involved metals directly and the resulting prototypes were created from medical research on veterans of war disguised as beneficial medications and surgeries. The second and third rounds lured in volunteers to a similar "beneficial treatment".

They are often known more correctly as "jovians".

METAL genefreaks are genetically expressed in males and carried by females for the most part and GEM genefreaks are expressed in females and genetically carried by males.

You either express a gene in line or you don't, mixing is a rarity but it does happen, usually in large communities where lemures are present. LEMURE and SILVER genetics make for GENETIC STACKING in which the traits of up to TWO METALS OR GEMS express themselves.


  • Known as twotoners, fighters, marses or ferrics
  • have the best fast-healing aside from Silvers, superstrong bones, and muscles that can be put under massive strain, resulting in greater strength and speed and endurance than others.
  • If they do not eat properly they can develop health problems rather swiftly. Require a diet high in meat. shorter lifespan.
  • most common. very low female ratio.

[larger, in depth race description]

  • known as heavies or anvils
  • faster healing, but nothing noticeable. strongest bones, harder to damage overall, dense muscle.
  • physically incapable of swimming due to natural high weight and density. Some weaker structures cannot support them.
  • Fairly common. Has one of the higher female ratios.

[bigger race desc. here]

  • Known as kobolds, predators, lizards, bluehounds
  • increased hair/nail/bone growth that can develop into claws, spines, sharp teeth. can regrow teeth. fastest healing, outstripping even Irons. Improved sense of smell and nightvision.
  • Can develop bone tumors and deformity if their healing gene goes wrong. Arthritis is a huge problem. Their strange appearance causes them to be killed in some places
  • Uncommon. Low but not extremely rare female ratio.

SILVER/SILEX(gem or metal)
  • known as silvers, whitehairs, wrongly called albinos. also called elves or angels due to ethereal look.
  • Excellent memory, night-vision, accelerated healing, good fertility that brings out and sometimes combines other metal and gem genetics, resistance to illness. Quartz absorbtion leads to quicker minds and faster thought processes. Long lifespan.
  • Poor protection against sunlight due to pale appearance leads to sunburn, eye damage and sometimes skin cancer. High silver saturation may lead to blue staining of the skin. sometimes blue melanin expression is present leading to blue birthmarks or freckles. ocular albinism at a high rate. Strange appearance causes silvers to be destroyed on sight in some locations, and makes them coveted slaves in others.
  • Common, but only in isolated colonies. Equal to higher female ratio.

  • known as werewolves, biters or whitehounds
  • Sharp teeth, three "canine" type teeth, body equipped to eat and process raw meat and even bones. good nightvision and smell, abilities similar to cobalts in many aspects. can deliver a painful electric shock through their bites.
  • high social stigma against werewolves makes them prime targets for hate. more primitive instincts at surface.
  • Fairly Uncommon except in isolated "packs". moderately low female ratio.

  • probably has the most nicknames not going to list them yet
  • Can conduct/direct electrical currents. Quick-minded to the point of being human calculators/excellent problems solvers and tacticians. Good memory, though not to the extreme of Silvers. Higher disposition towards expressing the genetics of various pact/zincs/jordanites; predisposition towards making excellent telekinetics/telepaths/electrokinetics/firebugs/empaths.
  • Alcohol dampens their abilities and the first lines bred of them were culled from rehabilitation centers; addictive personalities may be largely present. Normal healing and lifespans, normal immune systems; nowhere near as resistant as other genefreaks.
  • Very common. Slightly higher female ratio. Breed well with Citrines.

[list][*]Known as golds... If you can tell them apart from the local populace.
[*]Have a VERY high resistance to heat, moderately speedy healing factor, and incredible endurance; can work for long periods of time without tiring. Also have moderately increased charisma via pheromones. increased strength.
[*]Often do not even know about their abilities except for the swift healing. Not even considered Jovians. Can become abusive of their charisma. The endurance and strength were balanced out with decreased tolerance to addictive substances... Golds can easily become addicted to things except in family lines that warned against it.
[*]Have bred out so much they are relatively common, and have the genes for an equal male-female ratio because of it.

  • known as murcs or silverspitters
  • have the ability to absorb high amounts of mercury and dispel via sweat, spit and other bodily substances. thanks to mercury's effect on the body, murcs were also designed to HEAL NEURAL DAMAGE. They can survive and recover from headwounds and even spinal damage that others may not. sometimes have sharp teeth.
  • they show signs of mercury poisoning anyhow, becoming strange and irrational in cycles as their brains heal, reroute and deteriorate.
  • very rare. females almost nonexistant.

  • known as GREYS or WARDS, sometimes as ELVES due to their extended lifespans
  • Their abilities include almost entirely impeded aging past their mid twenties, and improved tendons/muscular structures that allow insanely fast reflexes and insectlike jumping prowess. light bodyweight lessens damage from impact from falling/being thrown
  • Light bodyweight makes them easy to handle/throw off. Brittle health present in some. Easy to dislocate joints.
  • very uncommon. same female ratio as pewters.

[*]greatly improved senses and eyesight. b12 conversion/may secrete b12

[*] greatly improved reflexes. resistance to illness. body thrives on and converts large amounts of vitamin c/b12 somehow, still developing. beta keratin??

PERIDOT/NICKEL(gem or metal)


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PostSubject: Re: The Changed (RACE THREAD)   The Changed (RACE THREAD) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 11:55 am



A clan composed somewhere between barbaric extremes and the follies of youth, the Literumi are most easily recognized for their tendency to don the color purple in one form or another, and also for the young age of their members

Almost cult-like in nature, Literumi travel in small focused groups known as Prides, with one vicious leader known as the Alpha. Widely influenced by the once modern urban cultures of old, Prides often have anywhere from gothic to hip-hop influence, usually sticking to one main subculture "theme" per group. Around the ages of 12 and 13, at the onset of puberty, Literumi manifest telepathic psychic powers and bio-electric abilities, powers that wane upon reaching 19 or so. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a member of the Literumi over the age of 20 as the other Pride members often cull the older and the powerless, if they don't either escape or defect first. Adults mean rules. Adults mean the enemy. Prides would rather root out anyone older than a teenager then have someone "older" among them.

Because the powers of the Literumi are expressed when puberty occurs, their altered genes lie in their hormones and also affect their secondary sex characteristics. In appearance, Literumi are very androgynous and some are prone to infertility. Pureblood Literumi children of teenage Pride parentage are thus very rare, but tend to be more powerful; some even keeping a few of their powers after the age of 19.

Alone, a Pride member is a threat to anyone caught unsuspecting, but it is together in which the Literumi are a truly frightening force. Passing their bio-electricity among each other they can gear up for large group attacks. Through the powers of their telepathy, they also form a large psychic "hivemind" of shared thoughts, plans, and consciousnesses with other Literumi within range. It is because of this hivemind, that older Literumi are killed; losing their telepathy and ability to psychically speak with their brother and sisters makes them a potentially dangerous mystery, lost to the group and mentally unreadable.

Because of their general violence and disorganization from Pride to Pride, Literumi hold very little political and socio-economic sway on a large scale; they function more as gangs, doing battle amongst each other for territory and personal conquest.


  • Wear purple in their clothes or hair. Markedly influenced by their own interpretations of urban subculture.
  • Both males and females tend to be androgynous and gender neutral in appearance.
  • Usually within a 13 to 19 year old age range.
  • Telepathy and hivemind with other Literumi.
  • Electric/lightning powers. Many wear metal armor, jewelry, or piercings in order to focus and enhance it.
  • Often volatile, emotional, and prone to mood-swings due to their powers affecting their hormones. Extremely territorial from Pride to Pride.



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Name:: Rip
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PostSubject: Re: The Changed (RACE THREAD)   The Changed (RACE THREAD) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 12:01 pm


-THUNDER OF GOD/blue eyes
-VENOM OF GOD/green eyes

-Batlike people
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PostSubject: Re: The Changed (RACE THREAD)   The Changed (RACE THREAD) I_icon_minitime

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The Changed (RACE THREAD)
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