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 Slang Glossary

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PostSubject: Slang Glossary   Slang Glossary I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 12:04 pm

A world changed experiences change in language as well.

Players are encouraged to INVENT and USE slang, slurs, proverbs, etc. for this new age!
They will be listed and defined in this thread for future use by other players!
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PostSubject: Re: Slang Glossary   Slang Glossary I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 11:44 pm


because i'm a terrible person, my first major contribution to this rp is a list of slurs, which will be updated as we learn more about the world and i think of more bad things to call people. these are largely based on what's currently known about the different races, with a bit of my own headcanon mixed in as to the etymology (which is why literumi have the most; look at all the insulting things you can say to sone :v ). feel free to use liberally in conversation!!

all terms listed here are specifically derogatory, not merely slang, although certain ones have been adopted over time into the common vernacular (ex. how faggot and nigga are used casually by some people, with no offense intended/taken). however, terms marked with a * are still almost universally considered offensive. as with many slurs today, most people are unaware of the specific etymology/meaning behind the terms and simply use them interchangeably.

  • blood/bleeder: reference to blood rituals/blood culture.
  • masq: allusion to vampire the masquerade. also mocks sanguinite culture of pretending to be vampires.
  • nod*: from the book of nod, the supposed historical text of vampires.
  • sang: short for sanguinite, duh.
  • bloodmouth: from the ridiculous vegan term, though i'm not sure that'd even be a thing at this point in time.

  • bender: from the telekinetic ability to manipulate matter to a certain extent. often used in conjunction with other insults, ie. "cockbender."
  • bleacher*: short for "brain bleacher," reference to mind control ability.
  • cas*: short for "cassus," latin word for "empty." refers to a literumi reaching burn out age. extremely offensive, this word will get your ass ganked.
  • exor*: latin word for "idiot."
  • hives: short for "hivemind." refers to literumi as a whole, rarely used as a singular slur.
  • jack: short for "mindjack." see bleacher.
  • jockpagan*†: religious slur, from the saying that a literumi will worship anything and everything, even an old jockstrap.
  • kooler*†: reference to cultists drinking poisonous kool-aid because their leader told them to. implies literumi can't think for themselves/without their alpha around.
  • teek: phonetic pronunciation of tk, short for telekinesis.

  • basfact*: portmanteau of "bastard factory." related to the saying if you don't know who your parents are, they're probably lemures.
  • malca*†: short for malcastulino, the esperanto slur for slut. also used as a general term for anyone sexually promiscuous, but implies lemure genetics.

  • condie*: from copper being an excellent conducting material.
  • lucky*: reference to copper pennies, implies coppers are extremely common and therefore practically worthless. some coppers actually use it as a pride term due to the association with saint luke.
  • mick: carryover from the derogatory term for irish people, due to stereotypical irish physical traits common among coppers.
  • rusty: kind of self-explanatory. used as a name replacement, similar to how viet cong were referred to as "charlie."

  • ox: from iron oxidation, but sometimes misattributed to the animal due to irons' strength.
  • tony: old reference to ironman/tony stark. similar to how viet cong were referred to as "charlie." dated term.

  • blacker*: allusion to the bubonic plague, reference to sickly appearance common among mercuries. from the widespread belief that mercs are actually diseased, and that mere proximity will cause terrible infection.
  • drooler*: corruption of silverspitter.
  • hatter: allusion to mercury poisoning associated with hat making profession. implies mental instability/retardation.
  • therm*: from mercury thermometers.

  • alloy: reference to pewters being the only metal-based genefreaks named after an alloy rather than an element. usually used by other genefreaks.
  • gob*: from goblet, a common pewter-based item. no one knows how the term became so offensive, similar to how "faggot" went from being a piece of wood to a gay slur.
  • sinker: reference to pewters' weight/general inability to swim. see anvil.

  • judy: allusion to the silver pieces judas was paid to betray jesus. feminized due to the high percentage of female silvers.

  • lycan: reference to zincs' werewolf-like features.
  • trapjaw: reference to their electrified, razor toothed bites.

  • iso: short for "isolated." a pact without a group, due to either being cut off or simply not having found their people yet, ie. a burned out literumi or a lemure without a partner. has stronger negative connotations among pact than non-pact.
  • jovans: genefreaks, from a variation of saint john, one of the first five. actually considered more politically correct, although some genefreaks dislike it due to the religious connotations.
  • lobs†: northerners, particularly from the villalobos region. commonly heard in reference to hunters due to the difference between northern and southern hunter cultures.
  • lukes: pyros, from saint luke, one of the first five and patron of firebugs.
  • surs: southerners, particularly from the surtierra region. commonly heard in reference to hunters due to the difference between northern and southern hunter cultures.

(† = my personal favorites)
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Slang Glossary
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