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 Cyndy's Characters -- Bridhe, Mika, Tavi, Hayden

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Cyndy's Characters -- Bridhe, Mika, Tavi, Hayden Empty
PostSubject: Cyndy's Characters -- Bridhe, Mika, Tavi, Hayden   Cyndy's Characters -- Bridhe, Mika, Tavi, Hayden I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2012 10:06 pm

NAME: Bridhe Taeven
AGE: 18
GENETICS: Copper/Lemure
FACTION: (if applicable)
GOALS/MOTIVATIONS: Keep up communications between various factions/people/bases. He really does it mostly for himself but tended to squirrel away information that might pertain to his allegiances. His only real motivation as of now is just to keep moving.
PERSONALITY: Forward, brash, stubborn. Bridhe leaps before he looks and opens his mouth a little wider than he should. He has a filter, but when it comes to telling people how he feels about something he doesn't beat around the bush. If you want his honest opinion he is the person to go to, because he has no qualms about telling people what he thinks needs to be fixed. Prefers being in large groups of people but tends to travel alone in spite of his empathy.
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5’2” and wiry build. He has the classic copper hallmarks of verdigris freckles and the faintest hint of green highlights in his hair. He seems to be constantly moving, doing something but not in a manic or uncontrolled way. Easy to smile.
Knapsack [on his back, attached to the fox drape he wears]: Hardtack, Jerky, a first aid kit (waterproof case: clean fabric bandages, needle and thread, a vial of honey, paper packets that are obviously from Needles that contain spiraea, valerian root, witch hazel, chamomile, lavender, St John’s wart [for personal use], marijuana [reserved for medical use] and opium [reserved for medical use]. ), soap, a wooden comb, a cloth bag filled with several precious and semi-precious stones (1 half-carat faceted garnet wrapped in gauze, 2 turquoise, 1 opal wrapped in gauze, 4 agate of various colors and sizes, 1 piece raw amber]

Hip bag: Vials of various liquids and mixtures, each marked with a different color. Most are sedatives varying in potency, a few are strong poisons. The colors match the darts that line the strap of the bag, each in a cloth holster to prevent self-wounding. There is also some raw opium as well as some marijuana for trade.

Around his neck he has a pouch which contains a point of citrine, a piece of raw amber and a chunk of hematite carved into the shape of a cat.

Hayden -- [COMING SOON]

Mika Evans -- [COMING SOON]

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Cyndy's Characters -- Bridhe, Mika, Tavi, Hayden
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