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 Gale's Characters

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Character sheet
Name:: Gale
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PostSubject: Gale's Characters   Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:24 pm

Directory [many more to be added as introduced]:

  1. Fey Eliyon
  2. Harper Merinski
  3. Moth

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Posts : 336
Location : Some hick town.

Character sheet
Name:: Gale
Classification: kandi metalhead baphomet.

PostSubject: Re: Gale's Characters   Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:24 pm

NAME: Fey Eliyon, "Mad Rabbit"

GENDER: Female

AGE: 17

GENETICS: Literumi, GeneFreak: Titanium

FACTION: Meracai

OCCUPATION: 2nd in command of Sone's Meracai Pride, scout, negotiator. Mildly literate, has about a middle-school reading level. Her handwriting is large and awkward, but readable.

GOALS/MOTIVATIONS: Teaching the youngers in her Pride, spreading Sone's will and protecting their way of life.

PERSONALITY: She's flirtatious but in a somewhat distant, manipulative way. Very charming and smug, uses her slippery personality to get what she wants. Sarcastic, flippant. Has an underlying intensity and dangerousness though that's hard to put your finger on. Sun sign Aquarius, Moon sign Sagittarius.

BIO: The "golden child" and youngest of three siblings, Fey was the only one to express Literumi traits to such a powerful level, her telepathy and ability to mentally "push" others being her strongest weapon. She quickly rose among the ranks, supporting Sone when he overthrew the previous Alpha, helping him to stage a coup against his sister. She is intelligent and incredibly lucky and clever, but naive when it comes to the workings of the world and the ferocity of other rival Literumi prides.

APPEARANCE: 5'2", 99 lbs, very petite and sprite-like in her build. Agile and acrobatic, lean muscle and fairly flat-chested. Snub nose, round face, silver eyes and silver hair with a dyed purple bang. Pale skin. Wears heavy mascara and dark lipstick. Has two sleeve tattoos of pin-up models and the silhouette of a rabbit's face on her right shoulder.

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-She has a rifle with no ammunition. She uses it as a scare-tactic though to strangers, and also a bludgeoning weapon, as well as a means of conducting and focusing her bio-electricty.
-Always wears a headband in her hair.
-Her clothing is light and airy, easy to move, run, and climb in.
-Sometimes has a hooded poncho/rain slicker depending on the weather, to keep dry and conceal her appearance.
-Usually only carries a small waist-pouch on her, which typically holds:

  • steel water bottle
  • lighter
  • vintage swiss army knife
  • crinkled and ripped out pages of Playboy and other porno mags with women in them. She worships them as "goddesses" of fertility, power, and beauty.
  • Pad of paper and a pencil nub
  • some seeds, jerky, or other snacks
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Gale's Characters
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