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 Ema's Characters

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PostSubject: Ema's Characters   Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:17 am

Yeah wow look at these losers

1) Resa Scordato

2) Hatori
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PostSubject: Re: Ema's Characters   Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:17 am

NAME: Claims her name is Desire, however will accept Resa as a 'nickname', and most people around her will use this in favor of her self-given name. Her true first name, Theresa, is never used, as Resa will not willingly divulge it to another. She has no true surname, but will occasionally use Scordato if needed, and has used Ivers as well.

GENDER: Female

AGE: 16


FACTION: Southern Hunter

OCCUPATION: Hunter in Training, scavenger

GOALS/MOTIVATIONS: To become a real hunter, and bring justice to the wicked.

PERSONALITY: Loud and assertive, Resa is a ball of vibrant energy. She is seen shrieking more often than not, usually at another person as a means of speaking; having not apparently mastered quieter forms of communication. She is usually friendly, and willing to help others out. She is very adament about justice, and will do whatever she deems necessary to bring vengence upon the wicked (the definition of which can occasionally be a little too flexible). She is quick on her feet, fast, with grace and an uncanny ability to scale almost anything. However, she often gets in trouble for her short temper, and her willingness to jump into situations without thinking ahead. She is petite, and easily overpowered, not very strong, and can't take much damage. Her aim is somewhat sketchy, and was once abysmal, before she began training to improve it.

BIO: Resa was the product of a fling between a woman, emmigrating with a caravan from what was once Canada to the south, and a colbalt man, whom she inherited the colbalt gene from. Her mother passed away when Resa was still young, catching an STD from another fling. Resa continued traveling with the caravan, until they had reached Florida. Seeing only more water, they decided that they had reached the end of the world, or close enough, and set up a permanent encampment. Shortly after, they were attacked by bandits, and would have been decimated if it hadn't been for the timely arrival of a pair of hunters. Resa knew then what she wanted to become, and before long joined the ranks of junior hunters, training under bran and joel. Currently one of her main jobs is finding old, abandoned stores, and breaking into their vaccuum seal, pilfering anything that could be of any kind of use, either for the Hunters, or to trade for something they might need.

APPEARANCE: Resa is 5'2, fairly short, with a thin, wiry frame. She has a large, puffy tuft of cobalt blue hair that goes in all directions, and only a grueling arm wrestling match will make it fairly tamed, although even then, it's fairly voluminous. She has yellow eyes, and tanned skin. Whatever country she came from, it's hard to strictly pinpoint it, although it would be safe to guess Southern European. She prefers loud, mismatched outfits, with wild patterns, though she will wear darker (usually just as hideous) colors if need be. She manually sharpens her canines, and allows them to grow out, appearing as large fangs, keeping the other ones much shorter and flatter. Occasionally she will file all her teeth, and did it quite often in her earlier teen years. However, constantly cutting open her mouth, tongue, and anything that got close to her teeth is usually more of an inconvenience than she's willing to put up with. Her nails are hard and talon-like, longer than normal and sharpened. However, she usually wears gloves that she modified to keep her nails from cutting them, and effectively blunting her fingers when she wears them, so that they won't be a hazard to the people around her. This makes her fingers appear longer than normal. When fighting, however, she takes them off to make use of them as weapons.

INVENTORY/FAVORITE ITEMS: As Resa's main job is scavenging, what she carries on her largely depends on whether or not she's managed to unload whatever she got from her last site. However, because she can't carry a lot of weight, most of the items go into canvas bags that she gets Joel or Bran to carry around. However, at all times, she will have her statchel on her, which carries a first aid kit, a variety of jewelry she's found, a compass, a little bowl she usually uses as a cup, and a few pieces of wildly patterned cloth.

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PostSubject: Re: Ema's Characters   Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:56 pm

NAME: Hatori Cordia

GENDER: Female

AGE: 15

GENETICS: Literumi

FACTION: Mercai Literumi Clan


GOALS/MOTIVATIONS: To aid her clan to acension as the true, blessed clan of the Literumi

PERSONALITY: Hatori, at first glance, seems to be spared the volatility of her fellow literumi. She acts like an aristocrat, self absorbed, polite to a fault, but incredibly condescending, treating all around her that aren't of her pride like peons. However, she will break into a temper at little provocation, and has a bad habit of screaming and calling people peasants. If not throwing a tantrum, she'll instead pout and act like a sullen child. Even members of her own pride will receive this treatment from time to time. She has a strange affinity for both apples, and bats, and will often decorate herself with pictures of them. She's very skilled at being quiet, watching from afar, and generally being a giant nosy spy. Her main skills lie in the telepathy part of Literumi, being well above average, able to operate even without other pride members. However, her bioelectrical abilities make up for this, being unable to do more than give off sparks and what would amount to a static shock to someone without other members of her pride. She has excellent eyesight, and a better long range vision than most, using her bow and arrows effectively. However, she's much worse in melee, armed with only a knife and whatever she can scavenge to use as a weapon.

BIO: Born to two Literumi, Hatori had an entirely uneventful childhood. Her parents were not mated, and Hatori has a handful of half siblings. She expressed the gene most strongly, and when Sone went to stage the coup, was one of his supporters, believing that he would make the pride into the superior clan that it deserved to be. She did little to actually aid him, aside from her support, and speaking to others in the pride on his behalf. Now she is content to help Sone however she can, and spends her time either scouting and protecting the boarders, or doing miscellaneous chores.

APPEARANCE: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

She is distinctly Asian in background, with short, blueblack hair that is tied up in a messy ponytail. She wears the purple facepaint of Literumi, and a purple shawl. The shawl occasionally gets wrapped around her head, especially if she is trying to hide, or pouting. Her clothing usually is brightly colored, with little apples or bats handpainted onto them. However, she will wear darker colors without a problem when on a scouting mission. She wears rush thongs that were modified to wrap up around her calves with leather straps, keeping them in place. She does not wear much jewelry when on scouting missions, but otherwise keeps pins and ribbons decorating her body, with several piercings. She is a petite girl, 5'3 and built slimly.

INVENTORY/FAVORITE ITEMS: Her array of pins, and her bow and arrow, as well as the knife she keeps, mostly for doing chores, but will use as self defense if needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Ema's Characters   

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Ema's Characters
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