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 House Aurelia & the Kingdom of Chicago

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PostSubject: House Aurelia & the Kingdom of Chicago   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:10 pm

It is said that the formidable and powerful Aurelia family has controlled the Windy City for generations, even before the sun became Furious. Once solely a prominent underground crime lord family, the Aurelias first made themselves a public face and claimed the title of "royalty" under their Majesties the King Aaron and Queen Sizette.

The Aurelias are one of the only prominent Psychromer families in the world, and are fiercely proud of their genes and abilities, as well as their economic power and charisma. In Shatterdown, as of right now, the Aurelia Family has major dealings with Clan Taeven, the House of Usher, and the Gehenna Coven.
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Posts : 336
Location : Some hick town.

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Name:: Gale
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PostSubject: Re: House Aurelia & the Kingdom of Chicago   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:13 pm

Although this is certainly NOT A COMPLETE FAMILY TREE this is a good measure of WHOM YOU CAN POSSIBLY MEET IN SHATTERDOWN if certain roleplay per-requisites are met and unlocked! Also shows important people who may be deceased or estranged right now, but are certainly worth mention, either OOC or IC, or both.

Being the current monarch, Karlyle's name is lined in gold.

More to be added later.
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Posts : 336
Location : Some hick town.

Character sheet
Name:: Gale
Classification: kandi metalhead baphomet.

PostSubject: Re: House Aurelia & the Kingdom of Chicago   Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:22 am

Ema asked me on Tumblr: "tell me about shatterdown karlyle's family like his mom and how he managed to spawn three kids"

Here was my reply---seems worth posting it here:

"So Karlyle’s mother and father are Sizette and Aaron Aurelia, two
pureblood Psychromers and cousins, who were together via an arranged
marriage. Aaron had very little interest in underhanded political
affairs [more concerned with marital affairs, whoops], enjoying the
company of a housemaid and mistress, Eve Constanzas, more than his wife.
Eve and Aaron had two illegitimate children together, giving Karlyle
two younger half siblings; Eva [who goes by Nix now] and Morris.

Aaron was generally regarded as a kind, if not somewhat lax and lazy
ruler. Sizette with her vicious political and economic ambitions, saw
him as a weakness to the continued power of the Aurelia family. As soon
as Karlyle was old enough to take the throne [around age 15 or 16],
Sizette had Aaron assassinated and her son succeed his father as
King—-with her still pulling the strings in the background of course.
She also prepared an arranged marriage for Karlyle as well, to ensure
more heirs [that WEREN’T her step-children Nix and Morris.]

Karlyle is no idiot pawn though. He knows full well of his mother’s
schemes and is actually okay with it. He sees her as useful in
up-keeping Aurelia relations with Gehenna, so he indulges her whims of
power and keeps her within his good graces.

He is not above having HER assassinated one day though too, and has
in fact toyed with the idea. For now though, it’s not in the cards.

AS FOR HER APPEARANCE, Sizette has tanned skin and dark blue eyes.
Her hair is golden blond in color and pulled in tight bouncy ringlets.
She is is very tall and curvy, slightly heavyset, and frequently dresses
in furs and heels. Carries a long cigarette and is a heavy smoker. Her
aura is that of someone extremely smug and proud and VERY
charismatic—-she is where Karlyle gets it from.


Gunner is his firstborn, and the only child of his brief marriage.
Gunner’s mother is the Countess Seraph VanHart; a noble family that the
Aurelia family has lauded over but respected for generations. They are
arms dealers and manufacturers, but are very religious and spiritual in
their own odd way. Seraph could stand Karlyle’s abuse for only so long,
before fleeing. Although they were never able to officially sign divorce
papers, they are certainly separated. Gunner has not seen nor heard
word of his mother’s wherabouts in years. Although Gunner would have
technically been Crown Prince, Karlyle has stripped him of that title,
naming Hunter as his Heir Apparent instead.

Hunter is Karlyle’s second born child and the daughter of a Gehenna
Sanger woman? Possibly? This is still up in the air and I need to
discuss this. Though she is publicly recognized as the queen to be,
Karlyle is, in all actuality, having second thoughts about Hunter
ruling. He thinks she might be too self-indulgent, subject to whim, and
corruptible [wow Karlyle, just like you!!!] and is now waiting to see
how Colt shapes up once he becomes older. Is he going to mention this to
her though? Oh no, of course not.

Colt Remington is Karlyle’s third and currently last child, Colt’s
mother being Bernadette Taeven, of the esteemed Taeven Clan, whom House
Aurelia also has many ties to. Bernadette is the only mother of his
three children that Karlyle seems to have any sort of major interest in,
and although it is unspoken, considers her one of his best and few

As a side note, Bernadette and Jack are Karlyle’s official court
consorts, though only Bernadette is technically free. He’s also had a
hand [however stupid a one it might have been] in raising Jack’s
biological children, Makenzi and Nathan."
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PostSubject: Re: House Aurelia & the Kingdom of Chicago   

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House Aurelia & the Kingdom of Chicago
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