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 Ash's Characters

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PostSubject: Ash's Characters   Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:48 pm

[ directory ]

  1. King
  2. Iris

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PostSubject: Re: Ash's Characters   Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:06 pm

NAME: Kurtis "King" Vaughn


AGE: 19


OCCUPATION: Raider, scavenger.

GOALS/MOTIVATIONS: Mostly core survival. To train himself and perfect himself to be the perfect survivor, doing whatever necessary to achieve power for himself.

PERSONALITY: Very untrustworthy of everyone he meets, paranoid and anxiety preventing him from talking to most people. Not keen to making friends, he'd rather just take what he needs and go, very strict to the business side of things when it comes to other people. Protective of his identity, yet very nosy and inquisitive. Violent, snappy, works off instinct rather than what his head or heart tells him. Easily frustrated, but strong-willed and ambitious. However, if soothed or calmed or in a generally quiet and non-violent area, he tends to chill down, still prone to making snappy remarks but overall quite more of a decent guy to be around. Sarcastic and snarky at points.

BIO: Born to two Silver parents, they ended up being killed due to their race when he was around five years old. Being left on the street, he quickly grew up on his own and found his place in an unorganized gang. He was protected, and then grew to be the leader of the gang at the age of fifteen. However, he left the gang after differences in opinion and letting his paranoia get the best of him when he was around eighteen. Works as an independent raider now.

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5'5", 135 lbs, skinny but lithe, very pale with sensitive to UV light skin. Has light blue freckles on his back and shoulders, covers them up at all costs. A prominent nose, thin lips, and narrowed eyes usually with bottoms painted over. Wild hair, bangs and right side of head dyed red, while the rest of it is black. Near the roots you can spot it fading to a whiteblonde, the same happening with the scruff at his chin doing the exact same except faster. Light red, sensitive eyes usually hidden by sunglasses, King tends to dress himself as much as possible, covered as much as possible, without much token mindset to the heat. Wears hoodies, a tank shirt underneath or a t-shirt, long jeans, boots, gloves, and a facemask when raiding during the day. As much to cover his skin as possible. A scar runs from below his lips up to his eyebrow, cutting through it with a paired one to the left except much smaller, which came from a fight like most of his other less prominent scars have. (Of course he won't count or acknowledge the burn marks he might hold, those are just embarrassing.) Has a tattoo on his neck, some simple ones on his arms and back, along with a piercing below his lip and cuffs up his (somewhat mangled) ears.

- bag full of various chemicals and bottles that carry materials for explosives such as cotton, nitric acid, water, batteries, lye, baking soda, pencil lead, sand, chalk, bleach, ammonia, salt, phenol, etc.
- extras for the explosives such as wires, plastic, empty bottles.
- bits of gasoline and other flammable substances.
- very basic first aid.
- a switchblade and a kitchen knife.
- worn-down zippo.
- stove lighter.
- some bottle filled with a questionable liquid obtained from Moth.

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PostSubject: Re: Ash's Characters   Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:41 am

NAME: Iris Younge

GENDER: Female

AGE: 22


OCCUPATION: Prospector, trader

GOALS/MOTIVATIONS: To collect all the vinyl records she can, make as many origami lotus flowers as she can to place around for her brother that she's searching for to come find her.

PERSONALITY: Aloof, eccentric, and distant, although does care about people more than she might put off. Deals with things in a somewhat analytical way, and is rather impersonal with most conversations and shies away from anything delving into her emotions. Very very stubborn and opinionated, if she wants to do something she'll do it here and now, no questions asked. Very open and friendly, hardly judgmental and sees people for what they do rather than what they look like or act like. Is prone to being harsh on accident or unempathetic in her tone with dealing with strangers. Isn't very combat oriented, much rather settles things with speaking than with violence.

BIO: Raised by her mother and older brother, living in caravans and trading posts for most of her life. During a raider attack on one when she was little, she was hit and blinded in her right eye, although it didn't present a threatening life concern for her as she just lived on. She parted ways and traveled with her brother after reaching the age of 18, going from town to town, post to post with him, until they were prospecting in an abandoned house and found a (somewhat scratched up) vinyl record of Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon". The house had a wind-up player for it, and after hearing the music, they decided they'd start trying to collect them no matter how scratched up they were. However, recently they were separated due to an attack, and Iris is now searching for her brother, leaving paper lotus flowers in her wake and looking around for him as much as she can.

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5'2, 132lbs, boyish form with thin hips, somewhat androgynous form, darker, sort of latte colored skin. Rounded, short nose with a slightly crooked bridge and rounded, though not very thick lips. Large, prominent eyes. Her right eye is whited over and blinded. Tamed, short brown hair, with soft bangs passing through the part on the left side of her head. Dresses fairly conservatively aside from her incessant want to gather jewelry. Around her neck is a worn-down, half-broken locket with nothing inside- it doesn't hold any personal importance, she just thought it looked pretty. She also wears a worn medal declaring 2nd place, its pair of 1st place found on her brother so they know who to trust as she never takes it off. Wears a brown leather jacket with various pockets in front, folded up three-quarters the way down her forearm to make way for the thick fingerless gloves she wears. Carries a big camping backpack with all sorts of things in it. Below it is a brown leather shoulderpad and its belt. Underneath all this is a sundress of some sort, switching between various faded colors, cutting off halfway down her calf to expose the steel-toed boots she wears.

- Big backpack full of junk.
  • Cardboard case full of about 7 or 8 vinyl records.
  • Clothing including sundresses, a different jacket, and undergarments.
  • Folder with folding paper.
  • Preserved/non-refridgerated food, water, the basics.
  • First-aid and stitching gear.
  • Worn-down stuffed animals along with other odds and ends for trading and selling.

- Bludgeoning weapon attached to the shoulder pad belt, usually a club or a thick broomstick or something of the kind.
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PostSubject: Re: Ash's Characters   

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Ash's Characters
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